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Safety & Accessibility

Elite Craftsmen modifies residential homes to improve and enhance accessibility and independence for people with disabilities and seniors. We can design solutions that will increase their safety, mobility and peace of mind.

Safety & Accessibility

accessible_constructionAccessible construction is a fairly new term in the construction world. If you or a loved one is suffering with mobility issues due to an unfortunate disability or accident we can design and build handicapped accessible bathrooms or kitchens, stair lifts, roll-in wheelchair showers, wheelchair ramps and more making your home safer and once again functional.

Most of us if given the chance would choose to live in our own home rather than moving to a new house or nursing home. We understand that you and your family have invested years of your life into the home you love. With that being said, we can remodel or modify your existing residence to fit the needs of your physical capabilities.

We can modify your sinks and countertops so that they are accessible. We can install grab bars, ramps, walk-in-showers, and shower benches.

If your needs are more complicated we can modify your home so that existing doorways are wheelchair accessible.

We will identify and evaluate your needs and design a specific solution to provide you with the appropriate modifications.